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“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.” - Linus Torvalds.

These inspirational words, ever thus, inspires me to be a zealous explorer of my field. A student of Computer Science from IIT Guwahati, I am Dhiraj Deka (ভাস্কৰ), a tech savvy and an adventurous geezer from Guwahati, India. Born on 16th July, 1989 in Nalbari, a place that ignites a hundred memories in my mind and is very close to my heart. I spent 12 years of my school life in my hometown before moving to Guwahati for my further studies. For nurturing my passion for computer programming and designing, I also certified in AutoCAD & AutoCAM programmes under MSME as well as hardware networking from NIIT.

Currently, along with my friends I am working in our org – “SRD Infotech & NE Diary”. And apart from this I am working as chief technology officer at LoL Online, Chief technology officer at Kuhelika and Styloind.com, IT-Consultant at BEMS EDU and doing some freelance work and other IT related work.

Besides being a technology lover, I love animal also. And I am also quite passionate about photography. I love being amidst the serene beauty of nature and capturing it through my lenses gives me immense pleasure. I enjoy travelling, exploring new places and observing cultures from where I gather different stories which inspires me to live up to my motto in life ‘Enjoy every second. Present is where we belong because Tomorrow is always uncertain.’ Last but not the least I love to bring a smile on every face because I strongly believe that it can cure a multitude of ills. Oh, I am organ donor also.


  • Full Name: Dhiraj Deka (ভাস্কৰ)
  • Birth Date: July 16, 1989
  • Job: Freelancer, Developer
  • Website: www.dhirajdeka.co.in
  • Email: ddeka352@gmail.com


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I provide one-stop solutions to all your IT requirements. Be it a website and software for your business or a mobile app for your customers, I am always up for it.

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Dhiraj Deka.
Gamarimuri, Near Gopal Mandir, Nalbari,
Assam, Pin:- 781306, India.


Pachim Jalukbari, Guwahati
Kamrup(M), Assam, Pin:- 781014. India.
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